RIMS Project Research

Workshop on various zeta functions and related topics

December 21 and 22, 2010

The University of Tokyo (Komaba I Campus)
Room #002 of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences

Tokyo, Japan

Program (pdf file)

organized by

K. Matsumoto
T. Nakamura
M. Suzuki

Speakers and Titles

R. Garunkstis   Zeros of the Estermann zeta-function. Dependence on the parameters   [Abstract]
J. Lagarias   Analytic continuation of the Lerch zeta function   [Abstract]
Y. Lee   Zeros of periodic zeta functions (joint work with H. Ki)   [Abstract]
R. Macaitiene   A mixed joint universality theorem for zeta-functions   [Abstract]
L. Pankowski   Hybrid universality of L-functions and applications (joint work with T. Nakamura)  [Abstract]
J. Steuding   Differential Polynomials in Zeta   [Abstract]
R. Steuding   Elliptic divisibility sequences, Beatty sequences, and new examples of hypertranscendental Dirichlet series   [Abstract]
M. Suzuki   Zeros of Weng's zeta functions for Chevalley groups (joint work with H. Ki and Y. Komori)   [Abstract]
S. Yamamoto   On analytic expressions of the Shintani invariants for real quadratic fields   [Abstract]

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